Listings With Pool

Lake Balboa Listings With Pool

Lake Balboa Listings With PoolYes, it is hot in Southern California and a little more so in the San Fernando Valley. That is why so many people are looking for Lake Balboa Listings with pool. There is nothing better than spending a Saturday afternoon lazing by your backyard pool with friends. If you are looking to buy a new home in Lake Balboa and a pool is important to you check out the listings below and CONTACT ME with any questions.


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Things to Know Before Buying a House With a Pool

Having a pool can improve your quality of life

Having the option to walk outside and jump in your pool is a life changer during the HOT Southern California summer. Also, swimming is a great way to exercise and stay healthy. It also makes your house the place to be.

Having a pool may increase your property value

Here in The San Fernando Valley the heat can be unbearable for a couple of days of the year. A majority of home buyers look for homes with pools.

So What’s The Downside

Not necessarily bad but here are some things to consider

  • Pools require regular maintenance and cleaning
  • Your DWP (Water and Power) bill is going to increase
  • You will be required to install a fence with a self -closing gate around the pool
  • You could pay more for insurance

If You Are Buying A Lake Balboa Listing With Pool Have It Inspected

Have Them Check For:

  • ensure that electrical wires are far away from the pool
  • that walkways around the pool do not pose a slip hazard
  • fences and gates meet local requirements
  • that the pool lights are GFI
  • make sure that the drain cover is safe

For More Info On Pool Inspections click here